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_ DCG-Dalke Consulting Group focuses on increasing theefficiency and productivity of client companies, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.  How is this done?  By providing a different approach to your company problems.  A client's current business operations and procedures are reviewed to determine that they accomplish the intended result.  If the processes need minor adjustment, we define changes and recommend implementation.  If the processes are not working, or cause substantial impediment to the business flow, we will revisit the business goals, and improve processes to best meet the client’s needs.

We also work with clients in a management capacity by reviewing their management style and technique, and make recommendations that allow them to focus on their core business skills while still providing effective customer service.

Part of this management capacity is the ability to perform interim operations management.  This was accomplished in recent service as Interim Director for a retirement community. DCG has performed this service for several companies on a short term basis as an Operations Manager until management was reorganized to properly run the facility or it was found necessary to close the business.

We recently formed a strategic alliance with Proficio Associates Consulting, LLC., to assist companies with an "outside view" of their processes and procedures as well as facility management to help them reduce costs, simplify and improve existing operations, and have the ability to increase profitability and grow their business.

To learn more about Proficio Associates, please click on this link. www.proficioassociates.com.

Our other venture is a company named StoreItSmall.  We take your paper and electronic documents and convert them to digital media.  Please go to www.StoreItSmall.com to view the benefits of working with StoreItSmall for your church or organization.

Website and brochure design is also available with DCG.  Using information provided by the client about their organization we can effectively build these tools to help the promotion of their products, services and skills.

Text editing of manufacturing, technical, employee and safety handbooks, and other guides is an additional facet of DCGProviding easy to understand guides allows the reader (user) to learn quickly and effectively, therefore becoming a more productive employee.

DCG is available to work with clients who are homeowners/owner-builder's/do-it-yourselfers who are remodeling their home or building a new one.  We consult with Reality Framers, Inc., (realifi950bs) and help clients by providing General Contracting as well as “Cost Plus” General Contracting and Source and Assist services.  We enable clients to make wise decisions about details, materials and product styles when they talk with vendors and sub-contractors.  Consulting also helps clients stay within their stated budget, and provides continuity with sub-contractors enabling them to more effectively create an inviting and warm home in which to live. 

More details may be found at www.realityframersinc.com.

_ Since 1998 DCG-Dalke Consulting Group has provided clients:

An Interim Director for transisiton between management companies.

An unbiased view (fresh view) of their company.

Operations that are efficient and smooth flowing.

Internal costs that are controlled.

Effective Websites and Brochure designs.

Text Editing that provides user friendly language for manuals and guides.

Enhanced productivity through process change leading to company growth.

We invite you to call or e-mail us for an appointment to discuss your project(s).  Our contact information follows or you may go to our Contact Us page and tell us more about your needs, and determine how we can provide effective assistance for you.

DCG-Dalke Consulting Group
OFFICE:    425-640-5700
FAX:          425-640-5700
MOBILE:   425-760-2201
E-mail        john.dalke@gmail.com

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